Govt All Set for Global Launch of ‘Brand Pakistan’

As the global tourism footprint prepares to resolve towards a new norm for social interactions and travel in general, Pakistan is also gearing up to appear on the global stage through digital means.

In this regard, the Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC) is working towards launching ‘Brand Pakistan’, a customized digital platform for the promotion of the local tourism industry across the globe.


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PTDC’s Managing Director, Aftab-ur-Rehman Rana, said in a statement that a plan to unveil the digital platform “is underway as a private sector is being engaged for its launch”.

He added that the project will be commenced after the pandemic situation subsides.

Similarly, another PTDC official spoke with reporters about the roadmap for the digital tourism platform, revealing that the service will include offerings like “a 10-year roadmap for tourism promotion, a 5-year action plan and a backdrop on national minimum standards for the hospitality sector”.

In detail, the official also mentioned that the platform ‘Brand Pakistan’ will promote the country’s tourist destinations worldwide through virtual galleries, videos, and detailed documentaries. He also explained that the platform would essentially sport a user-friendly interface for tourists to easily scroll through the content.

Up to date information will be provided to prospective tourists, he added.


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In principle, the 10-year tourism roadmap under ‘Brand Pakistan’ is guided by the government’s 2020-2030 vision to raise Pakistan’s tourism competitiveness by ensuring the utilization of the country’s natural, cultural, historical, and geographical assets.

For support, the government has also developed a five-year National Tourism Action Plan (2020-2025) to boost long-term tourism prospects in the right direction.