Casio Launches its Most Affordable Smartwatch

Casio has launched its most affordable G-SHOCK series fitness watch that is a mix of digital and analog components. The watch comprises several features that make it the perfect luxury fitness watch and well-being companion at a lower cost.

Design and Display

The watch follows the typical Casio G Shock design convention. It has a similar rugged look but has an overall slimmer form factor. The casing is 16.6 mm thick and the dial measures 51.3 × 48.9 mm.

Casio G Shock GBA900+/*

The display features an analog dial on the top of the LCD interface for performance tracking, mostly running data. The LCD panel shows speed, running distance, calories expended, pace, daily steps tracker, and an adjustable multi-timer.

G Shock GBA900


Since the wearable comes with a lower price tag as compared to its G Shock counterparts, it lacks some of the basic functionalities that have been the hallmark of smart wearable devices. Although it comes with a number of built-in sensors to track your activities, it does not feature blood-oxygen or heart-rate sensors.

It also has an accelerometer with several features such as 5-alarm mode, shock and water resistance, 48-city world time, and a double LED light that illuminates the device.

The watch communicates with the G Shock Move app using Bluetooth connectivity. The app can display steps, running distance, and other performance metrics tracked by the watch.

Pricing and Availability

The Casio G-Shock GBA900 is currently available for pre-order at a retail price of $130.


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