Restaurants Demand 24/7 Indoor/Outdoor Dining

The Pakistan Restaurants Unity Association (PRUA) has demanded the government to withdraw its decision to ban indoor and outdoor dining to lessen the suffering of both the businesses and people associated with the sector.

The PRUA Chairman, Aamer Rafique Qureshi, addressed a press conference at the Lahore Press Club and urged the government to allow indoor and outdoor dining and takeaway services around the clock seven days a week.

He said that opening restaurants ’24/7′ will reduce the gatherings of people and will ultimately mitigate the transmission of the coronavirus.

He lamented about the restrictions that had been imposed amidst the pandemic which had caused 30 percent of restaurants to be closed down and had rendered thousands of workers jobless.

“If COVID-19 does not spread through bazaars and public transport, how can it spread through the safe environment of restaurants? Why are always restaurants targeted?” he asked.


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The PRUA also demanded that the government

  1. Announce a package for restaurant workers in its billion-rupee relief package under the Ehsaas Emergency Cash program.
  2. Waive off the utility bills of restaurants and rents of those that are established on government land from March 2020 until they remain closed.
  3. Waive off the school fee of the children of restaurant workers.


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“If at least, outdoor dining is not allowed, our protests will continue and if the need arises, we will move to Islamabad to protest,” Qureshi warned.