Samsung Details How its 108MP ISOCELL HM3 Camera Works

The Samsung ISOCELL HM3 camera sensor debuted with the Galaxy S21 Ultra earlier this year. The 1/1.33” sensor is capable of capturing images at 108MP resolution and Samsung has just released a new video that details how this camera sensor works.


Samsung Mocks iPhone Cameras [Video]

This video also hints that the camera sensor might make it to other Samsung flagships or flagships from other brands.

The ISOCELL HM3 sensor has a pixel size of 2.4µm and it enables 9 to 1 pixel binning. This technology is able to stitch images together to create a single high-resolution photo. By default, the sensor captures 12-bit images in 12MP resolution and features a smart ISO pro that upscales HDR content by capturing simultaneous low and high ISO shots.

This clears out the ghosting and blurring effect in moving shots.

Video capture can go up to 8K resolution just like the previous generation, but FHD slow-motion videos can reach 240fps. We recommend watching the video included above for more details.

Considering the timing of the video, Samsung could be hinting that more flagships featuring the ISOCELL HM3 sensor are on the way, but that is just speculation.