CAA Warns Airlines Over Entry of Individuals From Category C Countries

Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has issued a warning letter to all airline operators after it came to light that travelers from countries belonging to category C are attempting to enter Pakistan by using tampered and forged exemption certificates.

According to Director Air Transport, Irfan Sabir, CAA has devised three categories, A, B, and C, for countries and categorizes all countries every month on the basis of respective COVID-19 situation.


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The arrival of passengers from category C countries to Pakistan is subject to the permission and issuance of exemption documents from the CAA.

However, travelers from countries in category C have tried to enter Pakistan through fake permission letters and exemption certificates, said the CAA official.

Such incidents could jeopardize the efforts of the Pakistani government against COVID-19 and pose a serious risk of transmission of the disease in the country.


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Airlines have been warned to ensure the authenticity of the permission letters and exemption documents of the inbound passengers from category C countries before allowing them to board the flight.

CAA will also take legal action against travelers from these countries who attempt to enter Pakistan on fake exemption documents, concluded the CAA official.