Here’s How You Can Check Traffic E-Challans Using the New SMS Service

The E-Challan system introduced by the Punjab Safe City Authority (PSCA) has proved to be greatly effective in many ways. Not only have the authorities managed to lessen the number of onsite visitors to pay challans (traffic fines), also ensuring convenience for the public in the process, but has created an efficient means of challan collection via the online payment system as well, to generate a handsome amount of revenue.

However, a slight inconvenience did persist whereby the wrong address details of the motorists would result in several lawbreakers not getting their challans, causing a pile-up of overdue payments.


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To address the said issue, PSCA has decided to launch a facility, allowing drivers to find out by themselves if they have any outstanding challans or not. As per details, the drivers can check whether or not they have any unpaid challans by sending their identification details via a text message to “8815”.

“This system would resolve the issue of many people not getting e-challans at their addresses because their vehicle was not registered under their name. All bank lease and company registered vehicle users would also be able to get e-challan information easily,” a PSCA spokesperson told the media on Monday.


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The spokesperson added that the step has been enacted to ensure timely and convenient payment of challans. Mobile banking, internet banking, and payment through ATMs can allow people to pay the challans without having to visit the license branch.

However, there is a slight concern as to whether or not the habitual lawbreakers would want to check for their unpaid challans voluntarily. In order to better enforce the abidance of traffic rules, the authorities should work out a system to more effectively trace the offenders and intimate them of the license payment issue.