Govt To Present a Budget Worth Rs. 8 Trillion Next Week

The federal government is all set to present a budget worth Rs. 8 trillion for the fiscal year 2021-22 on June 11.

According to the budget document, the size of the economy will reach Rs. 52,057 billion. The economic growth rate will be 4.8 percent in the upcoming budget.


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Rs. 3,060 billion of the budget 2021-22 will be spent on loans and interest. The budget deficit is expected to be Rs. 2915 billion.

Around Rs. 530 billion is expected to be allocated for subsidies. The defense budget is expected to be more than Rs. 1,400 billion.


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The document further said that Rs. 900 billion will be allocated for the annual development program. The development budget of the provinces will be around Rs. 1000 billion.