PIA Temporarily Suspends Flights to Northern Areas

The Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has decided to temporarily suspend its northern flight operations for one week.

As per reports, the national flag carrier has suspended flights to and from the area due to extreme weather conditions, which are expected to last for a week. This decision was made after the Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) released an updated forecast for the following week, prompting the PIA to re-adjust its flight schedule as standard protocol, said a PIA spokesperson.


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In the meantime, the national flag carrier has postponed the launch of its Air Safari Service. While all preparations have been made in this regard, the inaugural flight from Islamabad to Skardu has been re-scheduled to 19th June, 2021, instead of Saturday, 12th June.

Subsequent decisions and announcements pertaining to the Ali Safari Service will be circulated as per the recommendations of the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and the Met Office.