Overseas Pakistanis Get the Right to Vote for the First Time Ever

The Government of Pakistan has officially given Pakistani expatriates the right to cast their votes in the National Assembly elections, as confirmed by the former Special Assistant to the Prime Minister for Overseas Pakistanis, Zulfiqar Bukhari.

He excitedly took to Twitter to applaud the government and Prime Minister Imran Khan for accomplishing the historic feat. “It took 73 years to give OPs right to vote, it was only due to PM Imran Khan and PTI government,” he wrote.

He continued, “Congratulations my people .. you have every right to become part of decision-making process in this country”.


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The decision had been made, in principle, as an additional part of the Election Act Amendment Bill 2020. Besides granting voting rights to Pakistani expatriates, the amended bill directs all the concerned parties to conduct fair, free, and transparent elections via textbook technological innovations and modern gadgets.