PM House Saved Rs. 1.8 Billion in Three Years

Prime Minister Imran Khan has saved Rs. 1.8 billion in PM House’s expenditures during the first three years of his tenure.

This was revealed by Special Assistant to Prime Minister (SAPM) on Political Communication, Dr. Shahbaz Gill, on Sunday.


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In a Twitter message, Dr. Gill said:

“As compared to previous expenditures at the PM House, Prime Minister Imran Khan saved Rs. 1.8 billion.”

Had it been a government of PML-N leader, Nawaz Sharif, or PPP’s Asif Ali Zardari, then the money would have been spent on them, Gill noted.

Imran Khan adopted an austerity drive, minimized his expenditures, and now this amount would be used for funding the Ehsaas program.

Under PM Khan’s austerity drive, the incumbent government reduced the expenses of PM House up to 68 percent in September 2020.


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Federal Minister for Communications and Postal Services, Murad Saeed, also highlighted this ‘achievement’ in a tweet.

He said PM Khan has no Camp Office and has also saved 1.8 billion to the national exchequer under his austerity drive.

Taking a dig at previous governments, he said that former president Zardari spent 2.6 billion rupees on Camp Offices, while Nawaz spent Rs. 4.3 billion on them. Nawaz had a squad of 245 vehicles and 656 policemen guarding his Camp Offices, while 2,717 policemen were stationed at Nawaz Sharif’s Camp Offices.