UAE’s HOPE Consortium Likely to Supply COVID-19 Vaccines to Pakistan

A United Arab Emirates-based supply chain vaccine provider called the HOPE Consortium has revealed that it is in talks with the government of Pakistan about the possibility of offering different types of COVID-19 vaccines along with its storage and logistical facilities to help Pakistan boost its immunization campaign.

The consortium is constituted by some of the top supply chain solution providers in the world.


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The Executive Director of the Abu Dhabi Department of Health, Dr. Omar Najim, said, “We are working with the Pakistani authorities responsible for the vaccination program in order to ensure that these vaccines arrive in the centers and also to support teams on [the] ground”.

“We want to ensure that vaccines are provided to the right place, at the right time, and under the right condition,” he added.

The HOPE Consortium has hired the services of global transport companies after assessing their abilities to safely and securely deliver the vaccine doses under cold and ultra-cold conditions to various different destinations. Moreover, its management has agreed to establish storage facilities in Pakistan.


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Robert Sutton, who leads the Logistics Cluster at Abu Dhabi Ports, said, “We would be open to working with Pakistani authorities to set up storage facilities and extend digital solutions”.

He added, “We have distributed these vaccines globally, and Pakistan is included. We are ready and have partners, associates, and solutions in place to support Pakistan with the distribution of vaccines in the market”.