Indian Woman Gets Her Eyesight Back After Receiving Coronavirus Vaccine

In an interesting development, an elderly Indian woman regained her eyesight after receiving the Coronavirus vaccine.

According to details, Mathurabai Bidve, a 70-year-old woman from Maharashtra, has claimed that she got her vision back after getting the first dose of Covishield vaccine, the Indian-made version of AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 vaccine, last month.


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Mathurabai had lost her eyesight nine years ago due to ‘cataract,’ a condition in which builds up in the lens of the eye and makes it cloudy which prevents the light from passing through clearly. Cataracts can cause one to lose some of their eyesight.

She received the initial dose of the Covishield vaccine on 26 June and gained up to 40% of eyesight back the next day.


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Last month, a video of an elderly Indian man went viral in which he claimed that metallic objects were sticking on his body after receiving the Coronavirus vaccine.

However, his family quickly clarified that they did not intend to make the video to disseminate misleading information about Coronavirus vaccines as they never claimed COVID-19 vaccines were the reason behind the strange phenomenon.