Hyundai Announces Delayed Tucson Deliveries But Offers Big Compensation to Buyers

Hyundai Nishat has apprised its customers that the delivery of the Tucson has been delayed and that awaiting customers will be duly compensated.

It released a notification that explained that the delay is due to the global shortage of the semiconductor chip and that the deliveries of vehicles to the customers may take “a little longer”. It added that, in order to compensate for the inconvenience, for “every Tuscon invoiced later than the tentative delivery month on PBO form, we will be giving away 1 year/25,000 km free periodic maintenance (whichever comes first) in addition to markup”.


The notification added that it appreciated the customers’ patience and is working on minimizing the delay.


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Last month, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Hyundai Nishat, Hasan Mansha, had intimated to a customer in a letter that the pandemic has disrupted the global supply chain, due to which essential parts like semi-conductor chips were not reaching the assembly plant on time.

As several technical features in vehicles depend on these chips to function properly, their shortage has impacted the production line and has led to delays in deliveries.