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Petrol Pumps in Northern Areas Sold Fuel at Rs. 700 Per Liter During Eid Holidays

The recent influx of tourists in the Northern Areas is straining the fuel resources in the region, which has led its petrol pumps to charge Rs. 700 per liter.

Tourists from all over Pakistan flocked to the Northern Areas during the Eid ul Adha holidays this month, which resulted in a burden on resources like petrol. Media outlets reported that the petrol stations in the region have been undergoing a shortage over the last few days, and that the situation is worse where filling stations are sparse.

Filling stations in areas like Kalam, Swat are reportedly selling petrol for Rs. 700 per liter due to lack of resupply and the high demand by tourists.


Govt Reduces Sales Tax on Petrol

Gilgit-Baltistan is facing a similar situation and its Chief Minister has responded to it by issuing directives to the concerned departments to resolve these issues and facilitate tourists.

As per police data, nearly 210,000 vehicles had entered Murree whereas its available parking space cannot accommodate such a huge number of vehicles, which has caused additional issues.

District Police Officer (DPO) Meranshah, Asif Bahadur, stated that around 0.7 million vehicles had entered the Kaghan Valley and had caused massive traffic jams. He said, “We have never seen such a huge number of vehicles entering the valley”.