Zong Wins Multiple Awards in Opensignal’s Network Experience Report 2021

Opensignal, the UK-based mobile network research company, has shared its latest report on Pakistan’s mobile network usage experience in 2021. In this report, Pakistan’s telecom providers i.e Zong, Ufone, Telenor, and Jazz were compared and ranked according to their quality of service.

These mobile networks were compared in terms of video streaming experience, gaming experience, download and upload speeds, and 4G coverage/availability. All of the brands were given a score according to their performance in each category.

Video Streaming

Zong dominated the charts with better performance in most categories, but Jazz and Ufone were not far behind. Zong’s video streaming experience was the best among the four mobile networks, scoring 58.4 points out of 100, whereas Jazz and Ufone hit 53.8 and 48.8 points respectively.


Zong had to share its gaming experience and upload speed award with other operators, as all four had almost the same score. The telecom providers are closely matched in terms of gaming, with less than one point separating each of them.

Uploads and Downloads

In terms of uploads, Jazz took the lead with a slight edge over Zong, while Telenor and Ufone scored disappointingly low. Zong’s average upload speed for 2021 was 4.3 Mbps while Jazz was slightly ahead with 4.5 Mbps.

The difference of score was the same in terms of downloads, with Zong and Jazz going toe to toe once again. However, Zong was the winner in this category, with Ufone and Telenor performing poorly once more. 

4G Coverage and Availability

Zong was the winner in these categories as well, but Telenor and Jazz were close. Though the reason why Jazz and Telenor were close is that Zong’s 4G availability declined slightly this year by 2.2%.

On the other hand, there was a 0.1% increase in 4G coverage for all three leaders.

Voice chat

The voice chat scores were almost the same as gaming scores, with all four brands scoring close by. Jazz was the winner here with a small lead over Zong, but Ufone and Telenor were right at their heels.

Overall Zong led the pack while Jazz was a close 2nd in most categories.

Source: Opensignal