Pakistan’s Transportation and Delivery App Receives $100,000 Funding

While the country waits for the crisis to go down, an uptick in online shopping has been observed. According to the latest statistics, the e-commerce sector in Pakistan experienced an increase of 84 percent in 2020, contributing to the worldwide growth rate of 26 percent.

Taking a cue from the surge in online spending habits in Pakistan, a transportation and delivery app by the name, MOODY, is set to launch in Lahore this month.


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The app, available on Google Play Store and Apple Store, has received $100,000 (Rs. 16,258,900) in its first round of funding from Programmers Force Ltd., an AI-based Fintech solution provider in Lahore/Pakistan’s first AI-based firm.

This will allow MOODY to set off its initial operations, including ride-sharing, purchase and pick-up of goods, and secure cash delivery.

MOODY aims to provide customers in Lahore with a chance to streamline online shopping by building a network of “taskers” that offer high-end services at the customer’s doorstep.

Once the app has been downloaded, users can order bike rides for commuting, order groceries online, ask riders (dubbed as taskers) to shop on their behalf, and pick and deliver packages at any desired location.

The CEO and CTO of MOODY, Raja Hassan, said, “We have designed MOODY keeping in mind the usability of all age groups. A voice message feature has been added for placing orders, making the app more inclusive and convenient to use.”

Apart from its inclusivity, the app stands out from its counterparts by offering free-of-cost earning opportunities for the taskers. The revolutionary business model of MOODY is designed in a way that taskers will not be required to give up a percentage of their earnings to the company, says Hassan.


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The company executives also announced that while the initial focus of MOODY’s services will be on the customers in Lahore, they are planning to expand to other major cities of the country along the line.

MOODY will be officially launched on August 14, 2021.