Changan Suspends Its Huge Price Hike After Government Intervenes

Earlier this week, Master Changan Motors had announced an increase in the prices of its complete lineup of vehicles. Following that development, however, the government has sprung into action and has asked the company to “hold the price increase”.

As a result of the government’s orders, Changan has decided to temporarily suspend the revised prices of all vehicles in its lineup indefinitely. The company shared the said information by means of a public statement on social media.


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In the notice, the company highlighted that the price hike was the result of the freight charges going up from $800 to $4000, and also appealed to the government to aid them by reducing the freight and offering operational relief, so the price hikes can be avoided in the future.

The statement also added that the deliveries of the previously booked vehicles shall continue as per routine, however, no details were revealed about the present and future bookings.


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The recent intervention from the government is likely to serve as a cause for concern on the part of several other automakers in Pakistan, as the recent supply chain hiccups would’ve been a perfect alibi for a price increase for the entire automotive industry of Pakistan.