KP Exempts Sikh Motorcyclists From Wearing Helmets

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s Chief Traffic Police Officer, Abbas Majeed Khan Marwat, has said that the Sikh community is exempted from the helmet laws.

Abbas Majeed Khan Marwat declared this during a meeting with a delegation of the Aawaz District Forum and the Sikh community on Thursday.

The meeting was scheduled based on an incident of a warden in Peshawar fining a Sikh for not wearing a helmet while riding his motorcycle.


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Chief Marwat expressed regret on the incident and said that the traffic police will facilitate the minorities and will work to resolve their issues.

A notification about the exemption has been sent to the concerned department and the traffic police.


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The chief informed the delegation that the traffic police works tirelessly to ensure a smooth flow of traffic to facilitate the public. He added that the traffic rules had been devised for the safety of the public, and people should abide by them.

The delegation thanked him for heeding their grievance and commended the efforts of the traffic police.