Sindh Govt to Open Manora Beach Soon After Major Upgrades

The government of Sindh is upgrading the Manora Island Beach in Karachi as a tourist spot, Karachi’s Administrator, Murtaza Wahab, said on Wednesday.

Among other development works, the provincial government is also building a promenade, a walkway for pedestrians along the beach, Wahab said while sharing pictures of the development work on Twitter.

He added that the beach would be opened for the general public in a few weeks.

Karachi’s Manora Island is a small peninsula between the Karachi Harbor and the Arabian Sea. Unlike its name, the beach is no longer an island as it has been connected to mainland Karachi via the Sandspit Beach.

The place is quite popular with locals of the metropolis as a tourist resort. People often travel to Manora Island via Kemari in boats as the land route towards the island is off-route and long. While boat rides shorten their traveling time, it also becomes a source of adventure for first-timers.