Telegram Gets Synced Chat Themes, Interactive Emojis, Read Receipts for Groups

Telegram has rolled out a major update this week that adds a bunch of cosmetic and functionality updates to the app.

You can now set different themes for individual chats directly from the chat itself. There are eight different themes that will apply to both users. The themes include gradient message bubbles that change color when you scroll, animated backgrounds that change every time you send a message, and unique background patterns.

The update also adds interactive emojis. This will start a full-screen animation when you tap on an emoji and it will be visible to everyone else present in the chat. The animations are accompanied by vibrations as well.

Telegram update adds chat themes, interactive emoji, and read receipts in groups

Telegram is also bringing read receipts for groups, just like WhatsApp. You will now be able to see which people have seen your message in a small group, but Telegram will only save 7 days of read receipts for privacy purposes.

Last but not the least, group admins will now be able to record live streams. When someone is live streaming in a group, admins can save the stream for viewing later in the group once the stream has ended.

The update has already rolled out around the globe and should become available to everyone this week.

  • Most of users don’t use telegram because it has been blocked by government. VPN is used to use it. it is a very good alternative than whatsapp . but i don’t understand why government has blocked it. I think facebook has asked them to do it…. whats your opinion guys??

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