Petrol Prices Hit an All-Time High

The season of price hikes continues to trouble the general public as the government has announced another big increase in the prices of petroleum products.

According to the latest notification, the prices of petrol and high-speed diesel fuel have gone up by Rs. 4/liter and Rs. 2/liter respectively, while those of kerosene oil and light diesel fuel have gone up by Rs. 7.05/liter and Rs. 8.82/liter respectively.

After the recent increase, the new prices of the petroleum products, effective from today, are as follows:

Products Old Prices (Rs./ltr) Increase (Rs./ltr) New Price (Rs./ltr)
Petrol 123.30 4.00 127.30
High-Speed Diesel Fuel 120.04 2.00 122.04
Kerosene Oil 92.26 7.05 99.31
Light Diesel Fuel 90.69 8.82 99.51

In an official statement, the government cited a global rise in the prices of petroleum products as the reason for the price increase in Pakistan.

The latest price hike has taken the price of petrol to an all-time high in Pakistan.

This is not a promising sign for the days to come, as the increase in the prices of petrol and diesel will not only hit the public in the form of fuel expenses but will also result in several other increases in the general cost of living for the people of Pakistan.