#PakistanDemandsCrypto is Trending on Twitter

2021 has seen Bitcoin hit record highs with incredible fashion, prompting worldwide regulatory debates and the enactment of various trading platforms for buying cryptocurrencies.

All the while, mankind’s interest in crypto has skyrocketed; it’s a hot topic not only among marquee investors but the common folk as well, thanks to everyone from long-standing investors like Elon Musk to that kid who once raved about Wakar Zaka on Facebook.

But what’s next? Netizens have made a statement on Twitter, and it looks like they’re betting everything they’ve got.

Ever since news broke that Wakar Zaka petitioned the Sindh Court in a bid to unshackle the crypto dream in Pakistan, his followers have started taking a stand to help secure a nationwide adoption of cryptocurrencies.

Naturally, Zaka himself made the first move on Twitter, and it looks like Prime Minister Imran Khan was the first recipient of his request.

Within minutes, #pakistandemandscrypto started trending on the micro-blogging platform, with hundreds of netizens flocking on Twitter with their own messages.

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