Indian Minister Calls for Cancelation of Pakistan-India T20 World Cup Match

The call for the cancelation of the iconic T20 World Cup match between Pakistan and India gains momentum as India’s Minister for Rural Development joins the saffron fanatics in the demand.

Talking to the media on Sunday, Minister Giriraj Singh urged his government to ‘reconsider’ the match as ties between both countries are ‘not good.’

“I think if relations (between India and Pakistan) are not good then this should be reconsidered,” Singh said in response to a question whether India should play Pakistan in the backdrop of so-called ‘targeted killings’ in Jammu and Kashmir.

The high-octane clash between Pakistan and India is scheduled for 24 October in Dubai, however, the demand for the boycott of the match is growing big with every passing day.

Two more Indian ministers had previously demanded a debate in the cabinet to cancel the Pak-India match.

Giriraj said that the match between Pakistan and India this Sunday needs to be viewed with a different mindset. He was of the opinion that by boycotting the match, the Indian government should send a message that they do not take such matters lightly.