Milk Prices to Increase in Karachi

The price of fresh milk is likely to go up in Karachi as the care and upkeep and fodder of animals have got expensive.

Commissioner Karachi, Navid Ahmed Sheikh, while hinting at another hike in milk price, told the Sindh High Court (SHC) that the animal’s upkeep is not cheap anymore.

The commissioner submitted a report before the SHC, stating that the daily cost of upkeep, fodder and care of one buffalo has risen from Rs. 400 in 2018 to Rs. 550 in 2021.

These remarks came during the hearing of a contempt petition against the commissioner over his failure to control the hike in milk price in the metropolis.

Meanwhile, Assistant Commissioner Aijaz Rind informed the high court that an initial meeting with stakeholders had gone fruitful, and new prices of milk and dairy products will be determined soon.

He said that another meeting has been called on 28 October to discuss the recommendations of stakeholders.

The report submitted to the court revealed that five million liters of milk are produced every day in over 7,000 dairies. It also included the details of steps taken by the city administration to control the prices.

“Since January 2021, 1,900 hoarders have been fined in excess of Rs. 10 million for profiteering, the report said, adding that the Sindh Food Authority (SFA) has taken significant steps to improve the quality of milk being sold at dairies across the city.

The court sought replies from the petitioner and adjourned the proceedings till 9 December.

Note that the milk is being sold at Rs. 130 to 140 per liter in Karachi. An expected hike may take the prices to Rs. 150 per liter, or even more.

Published by
Rizvi Syed