CDA to Start Construction of Grand Mosque at Park Enclave

Islamabad’s Capital Development Authority (CDA) is ready to begin the construction of the Grand Mosque at Park Enclave. According to the details, CDA management finally issued a tender for the construction after resolving many pending obstructions.

The mosque will be built to accommodate 2,500 worshippers at a time, and it has been designed using a combination of modern energy-efficient techniques and classical Islamic architecture, the construction of which will cost around Rs. 110 million.

Other buildings are also being constructed in the commercial area of the Park Enclave apart from the mosque.

In other news, CDA has received bids for the acquisition of 30 buses from four international companies to initiate the metro bus service from Peshawar Mor to Islamabad International Airport.

The bids are from the Hanger Bus Company, Master Motors Yutong, AVES Enterprises, and the Foton Company. CDA will open the financial bids of the qualifying companies and will then award the contract to the eligible company.

Published by
Darakhshan Anjum