Xiaomi’s Purifier Can Boil Water in a Second

Xiaomi has introduced an impressive new product to its smart home range, the Instant Water Purifier Q800 with an instant heating feature. It can boil water in a mere second and last more than 5 years.

For filtration, the purifier comes equipped with a new primary reverse osmosis (RO) filter, which has been connected to a secondary reverse osmosis filter. This time around, an anti-clogging technology has also been introduced that protects the secondary RO filter and increases the shelf life of the primary filter to up to 5 years.

The service life of the filter unit is claimed to have increased by 150% along with a 50% improvement in the clean-to-waste water ratio. The ratio is now 3:1 and the wastewater can still be used for washing dishes, watering flowers, and mopping the floor.

The purifier comes equipped with a touchscreen display that is built right into the top of the smart faucet. It displays the quality of the water as well as the state of the filter element, it also allows you to adjust the water temperature and pressure as per your requirement. The water supply button is physical to avoid situations where the sensor does not respond to wet hands.

The filter provides four preset temperature modes: normal temperature mode (25°C), milk mode (45°C), coffee mode (85°C), and boil water mode (95°C). You can even create your own custom presets via the Xiaomi Mijia app.

The Mi Instant Water Purifier Q800 retails with an initial price of $596 in China. Xiaomi has not talked about international availability yet.