How to Prepare For MDCAT

By Ayesha Ikram

Every year, more than 100,000 students appear in the Medical and Dental College Admission Test (MDCAT) in Pakistan. Where on average, one-third of the total pass the exam. According to an article published in PMC on October 10th, 194,133 students took the MDCAT exam in Pakistan last year of whom 68,680 students passed the exam (with a national percentage of 35.4). The figures show that very few students succeed to study in medical colleges across the country.

One of the major reasons for having such a low passing percentage is no access to good medical books. The majority of students don’t pass the exam because they can’t access useful and authentic medical books. They live in remote areas where book shops usually offer a limited and outdated edition of medical books, or even, they don’t offer required books sometimes. Therefore, access to quality and authentic medical books is the experts’ top suggestion.

On the other hand, medical students are the cream of the nation. They usually have less time to prepare for medical entrance tests. In such less time, it is difficult for them to go to market or go to urban cities for finding good medical books. Thus, there should be a mechanism for receiving important medical books at their doorsteps to secure their precious time. assures you that they deliver any kind of medical books within 24 hours at your doorstep. In fact, no start-up has ever delivered books within 24 hours yet in Pakistan. has been serving medical students for 5 years.

Besides all this, cracking the MDCAT is not a matter of hard work only rather you need some useful tips from experts that could help you prepare easily and quickly. Here are some expert tips and tricks that can be very helpful.

Get The Syllabus

Knowing the overall exam is very important before you start preparation. The syllabus will help you find out the right direction and material to prepare. Go through the syllabus of MDCAT and identify key areas to work on. Once you have understood the MDCAT exam and its preparatory requirements, you can then move towards a successful preparation.

Buy Medical Books

Having downloaded the syllabus, access to good medical books is essential. You can order them on to have any kind of medical books at your doorstep with free delivery. It is very important to have books as early as possible because delays often lead to pressure at the end. Start preparation from your books and make your notes alongside it. Making notes will help you revise quickly at the end.

Plan Your Day

Timetable is another name for time management. Being a medical student, time is an expensive and uncompromisable element. You must structure your entire day and study accordingly. Students with no timetable often face obstacles during the preparation. A study with no timetable may break your tempo. Therefore, make a suitable timetable that sets the time for studies and other activities starting from morning till night.

Practice Past Questions

Practicing past questions is another important element. Lots of books provide sample questions that let medical students prepare in the right direction. Such questions work as a mock exam. You need to attempt these questions because they will give you an idea of how you should attempt in the actual exam. Students who don’t go through such practice questions usually face an unseen paper in the actual exam. An unseen exam will give you two equal outcomes, either you will pass by chance or you will badly fail.

Keep the Track Record

During the preparation phase, it is one of the best exercises when students keep their assessments with them. What happens is that they get a better understanding of their strengths and weaknesses. When you understand your weaknesses, you get a better idea of how you can improve them and what sources you need further. Whereas in the case of strengths, you would become more confident and courageous. Such confidence is always useful for passing exams.

Revise Often

Along with the practice, you need to revise your topics once a week. It is very important to have a look back at what you have learned. Those who don’t revise often forget, and they have to relearn everything from scratch. Therefore, revise all topics once a week and keep a record of your progress.

Evaluate Yourself

Evaluation is one of the most necessary things medical students need to do. Students who don’t evaluate themselves never come to know their basic mistakes and other blunders. As a best practice, you should take mock exams available on the internet or ask teachers for help at any preparatory academy nearby if possible. Always note down your mistakes or blunders after the evaluation. It will prevent you from committing the same mistakes again, and keep including them in your track record.

Ensure Proper Food Intake and Exercise

Besides studies, mental and physical health are two other important elements. To be fit mentally and physically, take your meal at the proper time, eat healthy food, and exercise once a day. Exercise is one of the obvious activities that keep people fit, energetic, and active. Remember! You should not ignore studies or exercise. Give equal time to both activities for better consequences.

Work With Consistency

No doubt, no achievement can ever be made if a man loses consistency. While you are preparing, promise to yourself that you would work with consistency. Ups and downs are a part of preparation. No matter what, you shouldn’t quit preparing or procrastinate, leaving things for tomorrow. Once you have a consistent routine, success will knock at your door.

All in all, these are the tips and tricks which are recommended by experts. By following these tips, you can easily pass the MDCAT exam. Now, if you have decided to prepare for the MDCAT exam, order now on, and it will deliver any kind of medical books to your doorstep with free delivery within 24 hours.

Here the credit also goes to Dr. Ayesha Ikam and the online medical books store Dr. Ayesha is a Women’s Medical officer at Nishtar Hospital Multan, She writes about career counseling.

Ayesha is a doctor by profession, Career Counsel writer by passion.