EdTech Startup Bryt Secures Funding in its First Seed Round

Bryt, an innovative e-learning portal, has successfully raised funding in its first seed round. The funding has provided a promising start to its mission to change the EdTech ecosystem in Pakistan and provide a new landscape of learning.

The pre-seed stage was self-funded by Bryt’s owners. An undisclosed amount has now been raised from MAGM Holdings, a Pakistani firm with stakes in other established and upcoming Fintech, Healthcare, Agri tech, and Digital Media companies.

The overnight transition to remote learning laid the foundation for an Ed tech-ready market and presented its own set of challenges. Bryt’s cure to “zoom fatigue” is to provide engaging bite-sized content that ensures a higher retention rate.

Bryt provides a holistic experience for learners, complemented with engaging videos with helpful features such as a “Clear your Doubts” section for individual support, cheat sheets for revisions, notes, as well as interactive live classes.

The brains behind Bryt are a team of highly-motivated individuals from diverse backgrounds led by the CEO, Zia Saleem, with over 17 years of experience across the corporate and technology sectors.

The rest of the team features Saad Saleem, a highly reputed educator running a successful YouTube channel, titled “Mathlete,” along with Adil Usman, an equally reputed educator associated with many prestigious schools, and Faryal Zuberi, a tech enthusiast dedicated to engineering the software behind Bryt.

Bryt is all set to go above and beyond to raise the bar by giving students a rejuvenated learning experience fit for the modern learner.

The past year was especially monumental for Pakistani startups, with fundings crossing $365.87 million. Multiple startups across different sectors including TAG, Abhi, Bazaar, and many others raised 450 percent more than they did in 2020. While the highest performing sectors of the year were noted to be e-commerce, fintech, and logistics.