Muhammad Waseem Exposes Boxing Federation Over Asking for a Bribe [Video]

Pakistan’s ace boxer, Muhammad Waseem has revealed that the Pakistan Boxing Federation asked him for a bribe when he was offered a contract by a Korean promoter. Waseem revealed that the Korean promoter spotted him during a fight and offered to sign a contract with him in order to promote him at the top level.

Waseem said that the promoter had said to him that he will not sign the contract until he gets permission from Pakistan Boxing Federation. He added that when he contacted the Pakistan Boxing Federation they told him that they will allow him to sign a contract only if he gives them 20% of his earnings.

‘The Falcon’ said that he would have to pay his hard-earned money that he would have earned from various sources such as sponsorship, prize money or monthly allowance. He added that he decided to go through with the contract as he did not have any other choice.

He revealed that if he had not signed the contract then his career would not have picked off the way it has.

Waseem further stated that the boxers in Pakistan have struggled for so long due to the incompetence of the Pakistan Boxing Federation. He said that the officials and coaches would sleep in air-conditioners while the boxers would not even have the facility of electricity.

He concluded that the boxers have not gotten any support from local associations and he has struggled all his life to become the top boxer in Pakistan.

Watch the interview here: