We Won’t Need Physical SIM Cards Soon

Leading industry innovators Vodafone, Qualcomm Technologies, and the French multinational firm, Thales, are working together to demonstrate the iSIM concept. The iSIM, which complies with GSMA’s specifications, is a new technology enabling the functionality of a SIM card integrated into a device’s main processor. One of the iSIM’s important characteristics is that it eliminates the need for a separately devoted SIM port while providing all the advantages of an eSIM.

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This milestone, once achieved, will pave the way for the commercialization of the technology, allowing the concept to be embedded in a host of new devices that will use iSIM to connect to mobile services. The companies showed proof of the concept with the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3, which has been examined on Vodafone’s network.

This latest tech might even find its way in a number of other gadgets as well including wearables, laptops, tablets, VR, and IoT gadgets offering all the benefits of an eSIM such as remote SIM provisioning by carriers without losing worthwhile area.

However, as of yet, there’s no information on when these much-anticipated iSIM gadgets will be available for retail by the consumer.