Punjab Police’s Official Twitter Account Hacked

The Punjab Police’s official Twitter account was recently hacked, a representative of the department confirmed on Friday.

The hacker changed the account’s username to “Pʋmp” and posted hundreds of tweets in a short span of time.

The incident happened early Friday morning, according to a police spokeswoman. A complaint has been filed with the Federal Investigation Agency’s Cyber Crime division.

This hack is a second of two high-profile hacks which were recorded in the space of two months. To recall, the Twitter account of Pakistan’s Embassy in Serbia went rogue in December 2021 and started tweeting against the incumbent government.

Sources at the time said that the hacked account was logged into “from a Chrome desktop on a Windows device in Karachi, Pakistan at 05:59 hours local time (09:59 PST)” and the hackers posted a message at 6:59 am local time (10:59 PST).