Massive Storm Kills Six, Injures Dozens in Karachi

Six people lost their lives and dozens sustained injuries in different incidents in Karachi as gusty winds with speeds up to 65 km/h wreaked havoc all day long on Friday.

According to the details, roofs, walls, and structures under construction collapsed while uprooted signboards, poles, and trees fell all over the city resulting in casualties and injuries. Routine traffic, air operations, and daily activities were disrupted due to extremely low visibility as the dusty winds worsened Karachi’s air quality.

The Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) issued an official statement to affirm that it had forecast gales for the port city and low air pressure over upper Sindh, east Balochistan, and southern Punjab three days ago.

It added that a new cold wave is expected to grip the provincial capital as extremely chilly winds from Quetta enter it later tonight.

The wave will last until 26 January and the mercury could drop as low as 8 °C in Karachi while the temperatures in the rest of the province could dip to 6 °C.

Published by
Haroon Hayder