Hyundai Nishat Announces a Huge Price Increase for All Cars

Hyundai Nishat Motors has jumped on the most recent price hike bandwagon with Changan, KIA, DFSK, Toyota, and Honda, following the recently imposed Federal Excise Duty (FED) on vehicles under the new mini-budget. The new prices of its vehicles are applicable from today (24 January).

Hyundai’s premium sedan, Sonata tops the list with the biggest price hike of Rs. 450,000 which has taken its price to Rs. 7,749,000 from up from Rs. 7,499,000.

Second in terms of price hikes comes the Hyundai Elantra with an increase of Rs. 400,000. Now the Honda Civic competitor, Elantra costs Rs. 4,399,000 as compared to its previous price of Rs. 3,999,000.

The new price for Hyundai Tucson FWD GLS Sport is Rs. 5,549,000 as it got a price hike of Rs. 370,000. The vehicle was previously sold at Rs. 5,179,000.

Here are the new prices for Hyundai’s cars:

Hyundai has chosen Hyundai Tucson’s AWD Ultimate variant for the least price increase of Rs. 330,000, which still cannot be considered low in any way as each vehicle from Hyundai’s lineup has got a massive hike. It appears that Hyundai sales are surely going to be affected by the latest price increase in the coming days, although it is too soon to comment on that.

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