Changan Pakistan Joins 2022’s Price Hike Wave

The new year brought a new wave of vehicle price hikes propelled by the additional duties and taxes the government has imposed in the mini-budget, and the latest automobile company to announce price hikes is Master Changan, effective from 22 January.

The price of the Alsvin 1.3-liter MT has gone up by Rs. 65,000 and that of the 1.5-liter DCT has escalated by Rs. 70,000. The top trim 1.5-liter DCT Lumiere has gotten the highest increase of Rs. 75,000 among the Alsvin variants. Similarly, the Alsvin 1.3-liter manual variant now costs Rs. 2,489,000 while the 1.5-liter DCT is priced at Rs. 2,744,000. The most expensive in the Alsvin lineup, the DCT Lumiere variant, is now available for Rs. 2,939,000.

Likewise, the prices of the Karvaan and the Karvaan Plus have been hiked up by Rs. 120,000 and Rs. 130,000 respectively. Changan’s minivan, the Karvaan Standard, now costs Rs. 1,794,000 whereas its upper trim, the Karvaan Plus, has a new price tag of Rs. 1,944,000.

Moreover, the Changan M9 pickup is now available for Rs. 1,509,000 as per the new price list.

The new price hikes are surely going to affect the sales of Changan vehicles as its famous Alsvin can no longer be called a budget-friendly sedan and the Lumiere variant is now nearing Rs. 3 million.

  • Everyone in Pakistan in increasing prices including Govt. Prices are increasing so frequently that one cannot plan anything.

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