PTA Clarifies Misconception About Massive Tax on Smartphones

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has said that it has nothing to do with taxes on smartphones, as FBR is the body that proposes, approves and collect taxes from smartphone users.

PTA, in its clarification wanted to say that government increased the taxes and FBR collects them; and that PTA has nothing to do with taxes on smartphones.

PTA further clarified that it is offering its Device Identifications and Registration Database (DIRBS) system for mobile device registration, without any charges for the facilitation of the general public, and that all tax collected from registration of smartphones goes to FBR.

PTA made this revelation while clarifying misconceptions about the PTA taxes in the wake of the recent increase in duties on the registration of cellular mobile devices and handsets.

According to PTA, the taxes and duties levied on registration are directly applied and collected by the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) and PTA only provides technical support in the form of DIRBS through which applicants can register their mobile devices for use within Pakistan.

The taxes and duties collected in the process are applied by FBR and directly deposited with FBR.

It is to note that for current applicable taxes and duties on registration of different devices, an applicant can visit the FBR link.

  • I am totally disappointed with PTI Govt ,Tax value is more than the mobile Price.
    At least Should be One mobile free registration for Overseas Pakistan.

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