YouTube Shorts to Get One of TikTok’s Best Features

Recently, with an aim to provide more flexibility to its creators, we have seen Youtube roll out new functionalities and features. Among these, one of the most well-received ones was the Youtube Shorts feature.

Much like TikTok, Youtube Shorts allowed users to create 60-second videos, which could be edited within the app using a couple of handy features like the ability to add text to specific parts of the video, auto-generated captions, basic filters, and color correction. However, according to a recent report, XDA-Developers have found new strings of code related to a voiceover feature in the beta version of the app.

This suggests that the platform will soon be adding a dedicated button that will allow the users to record a track and easily overlay it before uploading, allowing the users to change the voiceover without having to use a third-party video editing app. 

Currently, the YouTube app on Android only lets the user add sounds from YouTube’s own library to Shorts, and if someone wants to add a custom audio clip, they have to use a third-party video editor.

The voiceover feature is not live in the latest YouTube beta version for Android and the company hasn’t shared any official information regarding it, but we do expect to learn more once the feature rolls out with a new beta release, hopefully in the near future.