YouTube is Adding Useful Options to Android and iOS Players

YouTube is rolling out a new interface for its full-screen player on Android and iOS applications with new elements. The latest server-side update will make it easier for users to like or dislike a video, view comments, and share a video.

The previous interface hid most of these features behind a swipe-up gesture on the ‘more videos’ section. While the latest version puts all controls on the bottom left side. Users can still dislike a video. However, the counter has been hidden.

The related videos button has also been shifted and is accessible on the bottom right.

The changes to the interface show up when a video is watched in full-screen mode. For music videos, listening controls have also been added in the middle.

The new interface grants the user far more flexibility while watching videos in full-screen mode without having to minimize the video for interacting with key functions.

The new interface also provides easy access to comments with the video playing in the landscape mode. In the previous interface, the comment section had to be tapped while in portrait mode to open it up and then switch to full-screen mode.

Other than these minor changes the app looks the same when a video is viewed in portrait mode.

According to Google spokesperson Allison Toh, the new interface will soon be available to iOS and Android and has already started rolling out on Monday. Some users have already reported having received the latest update.

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