Power Generation Soared 9% in January

Power generation increased by 9 percent year-over-year (YoY) to 8,797 GWh in January 2022 compared to 8,079 in the same period last year, according to data released by the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA),

Likewise, Pakistan’s power generation expanded by 9.3 percent YoY to 83,193GWh in July-January fiscal year 2022, compared to 76,126 GWh in the corresponding period last year.

Hydel power generation accounted for 6  percent of electricity output in January 2022, indicating a 52 percent drop from 1,067GWh in January 2021 to 513GWh in January 2022. In comparison to 1,769 GWh, hydel generation was down 71 percent on a monthly basis.

During the period in review, RLNG-based power generation decreased by 32 percent YoY to 626 GWh. A month-wise breakdown of the data reveals that RLNG-based power output plunged by 47 percent in January (626 GWh) from 1,192 GWh in December.

Nuclear power generation increased by 48 percent YoY to 1,265GWh, up from 853GWh, while monthly nuclear power generation decreased by 18 percent to 1,549 GWh.

Meanwhile, fuel costs for electricity generation jumped by 102 percent in January 2022 to Rs. 12.22/KWh, compared to Rs. 6.06 in the same month last year, primarily due to increases in furnace oil (FO), High-Speed Diesel (HSD), coal, and re-gasified liquified natural gas (RLNG) based cost of generation.