Here is How to Use WhatsApp With a Landline Phone

WhatsApp is designed for smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other modern devices, but there is a way to make it work on a landline connection as well. Setting it up is quite simple and it lets you have an extra WhatsApp connection even if you don’t have two SIM cards.

But for this trick, you will need to use WhatsApp Bussiness instead of the standard version. It will work alongside your standard WhatsApp app, so it can be installed on the same phone.

How to Set it Up

Simply download the business version from the Google Play Store, Apple App Store, or from the company’s own website.

Once it’s downloaded, follow all the installation steps and make sure to select a different phone number from your SIM card. Instead, add the landline phone number for your home connection. An SMS will be sent to your landline number by default.

A landline connection obviously cannot receive a verification code through SMS, so just wait 60 seconds after WhatsApp sends the SMS.

After a minute, it will give you the option to receive your verification code through a call. Stay near your landline phone after selecting the call option.

Once you pick up the call, a text-to-speech bot will narrate the verification code to you.

Add this verification code to your WhatsApp Bussiness account and you’re all done. Now you can have two separate WhatsApp accounts on the same phone without two SIM cards.