Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is Not Easy to Repair [Video]

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra has already appeared in multiple teardown videos, but the one from JerryRigEverything shows more details on the phone. The YouTuber shows how Samsung has managed to keep the biggest hole (the S Pen slot) in the phone watertight.

As smartphones become more advanced, their design and assembly also become more complicated, making them difficult to take apart. Such is the Galaxy S22 Ultra, which is not simple to take apart, and removing its battery is quite tricky as well.

Removing the back panel requires you to slice the adhesive around it after applying some heat. The S22 Ultra’s glass panel and camera cutouts are permanently affixed together, so if one of the camera lenses were to shatter, the entire back panel would need to be replaced.

The entire phone assembly uses quite a lot of adhesive, plastic, and rubber rings to keep the device watertight. The battery, in particular, uses an excessive amount of adhesive to keep it in place. Other companies don’t use this much glue and even Apple includes pull tabs on its batteries, making them easier to replace.

But for the S22 Ultra, you need to drop some isopropyl alcohol around the battery and wait for it to soften the adhesive. Even after that, the battery requires a lot of prying before it can be removed, making the whole process quite dangerous.

To protect the S Pen slot, Samsung has covered it with a thick plastic plate that is glued shut to keep the water out.

We recommend watching the full video for more details.