Telenor Pakistan Extends VoLTE Technology to Samsung Phones

During the last couple of years, we have learned the true importance of a phone call, especially in times of isolation and lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The simple act of ringing up loved ones when we miss them became a privilege that we all learned to appreciate in tough times fully. For that reason, it is fundamental that the technology that carries our voices to our contacts be flawless.

Voice Over LTE (VoLTE) offers the perfect solution for the current network’s shortcomings in voice quality and much more.

VoLTE is a relatively new technology that has been designed to replace traditional call technology. The conventional voice calling technology transmits calls to a separate channel, resulting in a significant internet speed plummeting during a call.

VoLTE carries calls to an LTE network instead of the traditional voice networks and transmits data over the internet for better call quality. LTE transmits over a higher bandwidth, allowing the technology to handle both audio and video calls.

Telenor Pakistan is one of the pioneers of this technology and now the network has extended its VoLTE service to users of Samsung phones.

Last year, Telenor Pakistan launched the service for OPPO/Realme and Vivo phones users and expects even more manufacturers to launch products that meet technical requirements.

Unlike the traditional and soon-to-be-outdated technology, VoLTE allows users to browse the internet at full speed during high-definition phone calls. The technology limits internet surfing because it reverts to 3G, slowing down the internet browsing experience.

Customers will experience improved voice quality when calls are connected through VoLTE technology. The need for third-party video calling applications is soon to become redundant as with VoLTE, even video calls are possible hassle-free.

Telenor Pakistan is a pioneer in leading the VoLTE charge from the front, enabling and empowering the nation to aim even higher.

Over the last 16+ years, Telenor Pakistan has succeeded in creating cutting-edge digital solutions while staying true to its mission of equipping the nation with world-class connectivity.

Currently, Telenor Pakistan is expanding its VoLTE services to the maximum number of users from across the nation by involving all major mobile phone manufacturers in adopting the VoLTE technology.

With each passing day, technology continues to advance and revolutionize the way we experience and connect with the world, one phone call at a time.

Users of OPPO/Realme, Vivo, and Samsung can visit the following link to see if their devices are supported by the VoLTE technology and how they can enable the service: Learn to Enable VoLTE OPPO – Telenor Pakistan

  • It looks like either Telenor is not technically capable to offer VOLTE service for all devices or deliberately creating oligopoly environment by enabling specific brands Vivo, OPPO and Samsung to use its service. This is unethical.
    On the other hand Jazz support all devices and I have POCO F3 5G and using VOLTE service on Jazz network. Whereas, Telenor refused to enable VOLTE service on same handset.

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