Met Office Predicts Below Average Rainfall in Next 2 Months

Pakistan Metrology Department (PMD) has predicted below normal rainfall in most parts of the country till June as the prevailing La Niña condition is likely to continue during this time period.

The month of March saw below normal rainfall resulting in early summer-like conditions and heat which have had an adverse effect on the vegetation in Islamabad as the pollen discharge has declined significantly, before the end of the spring season which is mid-April.

The average maximum temperature all over the country has been above normal for the month of March. For comparison, the average maximum temperature in Islamabad for the month of April is 30.5 degrees but the mean temperature for the last four days was 33.8 degrees.

The pollination process is expected to speed up due to the dry and high-temperature conditions in early April. This will result in an early offset of the pollen season in Islamabad.

Pollen release has almost stopped from grasses, trees, and flower plants, however, only paper mulberry is discharging pollen with only 1,900 particles per cubic meter.

Nevertheless, the high-pressure condition created over the country due to hot and dry weather is resulting in the arrival of cool and moist winds from central Asia. The PMD is expecting a slight rain in northern areas of Pakistan as well as Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK).

According to the weather department, isolated rainfall along with thundershowers is expected from Thursday till the early hours of Monday. However, no rainfall is expected in the plain regions of the country.