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Spy Shots of Changan’s Mini Electric Car Revealed [Images]

Changan Automobile is making swift headway in the electric vehicle (EV) market in China by launching several new models. Its recent offering for the EV market is Lumin Corn.

This tiny EV is a direct competitor to SAIC’s Wuling Honguang Mini EV, which is currently the best-selling car in China. Changan will market and sell the little EV under the marque Avatr Technology — a Joint Venture between Changan, Huawei, and CATL.

Changan is yet to launch Lumin Corn, however, spy shots have revealed its styling and some of its features. Unlike Wuling Mini EV, Lumin Corn’s profile is rounded and smooth. It has circular headlights and taillights, smooth bumpers, and subdued overall styling.

Lumin Corn has two powertrain options — one makes 41 horsepower (hp) while the other makes 48 hp. The 41 hp variant has a Lithium Ferrophosphate (LFP) battery from Gotion Hightech, while the 48 hp variant has an LFP battery from CATL.

According to reports, the 41 hp variant will have a range of about 150 kilometers while the 48 hp version will have a range of 210 kilometers. The speed limit of both variants is 101 km/h.

The Mini EV market has gained another interesting addition in China. Time will tell if Changan’s answer to Wuling Mini EV will grab a substantial market share or not.

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