Punjab Announces Decision on Early Summer Vacations Amid Severe Heatwave

Punjab’s School Education Department (SED) and Higher Education Department (HED) have rejected reports that claimed that early summer vacations will be announced for schools and colleges amid a severe heatwave in the province.

In a joint statement, SED and HED clarified that media reports suggesting that summer vacations in schools and colleges will start earlier than 1 June are completely fake.

Students should refrain from wasting their time on fake media reports and focus on their studies as the decision regarding summer vacations in schools and colleges has already been finalized.

Till the commencement of summer vacations, teachers are directed to ensure students remain properly hydrated and any case of heatstroke should be reported immediately to medical authorities, the statement concluded.

Earlier this month, SED and HED finalized a two-month-long summer vacation in schools and colleges across the province.

According to the official schedule, all educational institutions in the province will remain closed from June 1 till July 31 and educational activities will resume in the province from August 1.

  • There is no harm if summer vacations are linked with weather conditions. Weather forecast help can be taken from meteorological department in advance to timely take decision in announcing holidays.

    • Seriously do you think pak govt that much care? If it was some other country vacation would have been started

      • Very true..the temperature is rising to 41 to 43 degrees but still schools are open plus the conditions of load shedding is horrible..

  • Safucation says are very hard under fans in the august your discission is right 👍

  • Two months like seriously???? And in August its cool breeze??? Commnon at least commence from 15 August as always…..

    • I fully endorse your point of you.15 days syllabus can easily be adjusted in the education year

  • They have to give summer vacation from may 29 till August 15 because there are heat wave next week the temperature is gonna be 46 to 45 degree

  • Shame on this Education system,kids are getting fainted in schools and the temperature is running 45+ in lower Punjab and they are saying to keep children hydrated even if they die sitting in dead fans and loadshedding??? Private schools are taking too much fees but not facilitating kids with cooling systems

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