Beat the Heat with Gree’s Advanced, Energy-Efficient Inverter Air Conditioners

Being a developing country, Pakistan is undergoing a shift towards a modern lifestyle. This modernization has made room for many growing industries to boom by producing high-quality goods to support the changing lifestyles.

Gree one of the world’s top manufacturers of high-quality inverter air conditioners, refrigerators, water dispensers, and other home appliances has seen a sudden upsurge in the demand and production of its inverter air conditioners due to its exceptional performance and value.

Made with the latest technology and sustainability in mind, Gree’s advanced and environment-friendly appliances have been facilitating its consumers for over three decades now. What makes Gree stand out from the crowd, apart from its extraordinary performance, is the remarkable price range of its products.

Refusing to compromise on quality, Gree has managed to produce even better versions of its inverter AC than the previous ones at competitive pricing. With the heat of the summer season beating down at full blast, there has been an upsurge in the inverter AC prices but Gree’s state-of-the-art technology allows its consumers to save more energy at a lower cost.

Gree’s inverter air conditioners come in three types:

2-Ton Inverter AC

Designed for bigger rooms and apartments, the 2-ton inverter AC comes with a reasonable price tag and wider specifications. Gree 2-ton inverter AC comes in an elegant finish of white and champagne with a curved design to meet the aesthetic beauty of the interior of your room.

It is the first European compliant heat and cool AC with a powerful latest generation inverter which saves electricity up to 60% due to low start-up voltage which is as low as 150V.

The AC’s features such as I-feel, power factor correction, and precise temperature control not only help reduce the power consumption but also help in faster cooling and heating.

It smartly detects the surrounding temperature through remote control and adjusts the heating and cooling start-up accordingly, saving tons of energy and electricity. Gree’s 2-ton inverter AC is by far the company’s hottest selling product.

1.5-Ton Inverter AC

A perfect fit for medium-sized rooms, the 1.5-ton inverter AC comes equipped with the G10 latest technology which saves electricity up to 60%.

The aesthetic curved design and elegant glossy finish enhance its overall look. The 1.5-ton inverter AC comes with a warranty of 10 years for the compressor, two years for the evaporator and condenser, and a 1-year warranty for the parts and services.

1-Ton Inverter AC

The 1-ton inverter AC by Gree comes at an affordable price with no compromise on its performance. It has an up-to-date system for fast cooling and heating with precise temperature control. Low power consumption with low noise performance makes it an ideal choice for small rooms.

Moreover, it has a child lock feature to ensure the safety of your family and your inverter AC as well. In addition to all this, Gree offers the best before purchase and after-sales services with a warranty for compressor and other parts and services.

With more than three decades in the market, Gree has established a reputation built on trust and quality. As one of the largest manufacturers of air conditioners in the world, Gree is committed to designing the most advanced, eco-friendly systems on the planet.

The company’s advanced technology and smart systems with a wide product range fit well with every consumer’s needs, providing them exactly with what they need to beat the heat while keeping in line with their budget.

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