Islamabad is Getting a New Modern Park

The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has decided to construct a modern park in Park Enclave Phase-III, located on Park Road in Islamabad.

The park will be built at a cost of Rs. 270 million, tenders for which will soon be floated in national dailies.

As per details, the park will include a children’s play area as well as a special area for women.

A rose garden area for seasonal flowers of various kinds will also be developed so that the citizens visiting the park can fully appreciate the greenery and natural beauty of the surroundings.

The park will also have a proper lighting system, and a jogging track to facilitate the citizens. It will also contain various facilities such as swings, walkways, a jogging track, and a cycling track.

In this regard, CDA Chairman, Amir Ali Ahmed, visited the Citizen Facilitation Center on Monday along with officials of relevant departments, and board members.

Speaking at the occasion, the CDA chief instructed the concerned departments to provide all facilities to the citizens visiting the center.

He further requested that fans and seats in the waiting area be arranged in an appropriate manner. In addition, he directed that public inquiries be dealt with as quickly as possible.

He said that the goal of the Citizen Facilitation Center is to bring all of the city’s services under one roof. To this end, every resource available should be used to offer residents high-quality services.

  • “a special area for women”

    Please don’t use taxpayer money to fund gender discrimination unless you are referring to toilets for women. Barring toilets, all citizens should have equal access to all areas of the park.

    • The men don’t make women feel safe in the parks with their catcalling groping and filthy staring it is required that women get a separate area so that everyone can be happy.. the men that come to the park to enjoy the park will still enjoy but the men that come to perform unethical activities will not get their way

  • Lanat! While the rest of the world is busy creating IT parks, we are busy creating recreational parks. Our priorities are very crooked, tbh.

  • Developed world first made recreational parks than IT parks. I was impressed to visit CISCO office near Boston USA, it was small work area and big recreational area. I suggest a small building for IT professionals in the park.

  • What’s the use! The park will be hogged by people’s servants…. Who just sit there all day and drool over the ladies and kids playing there.

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