Here’s the Complete List of Imported Items that Pakistan has Banned

The government has banned the import of non-essential and luxury items to stabilize the fast depleting foreign exchange reserves and rising import bill, as part of measures that a minister claimed would save $6 billion.

The announcement was made by Minister for Information and Broadcasting Marriyum Aurangzeb at a news conference in Islamabad on Thursday.

Automobiles and mobile phones are among the notable products whose import has been banned. The complete list of items includes:

  1. Mobile Phones
  2. Home Appliances
  3. Fruits and Dry Fruits (except from Afghanistan)
  4. Crockery
  5. Private Weapons & Ammunition
  6. Shoes
  7. Chandeliers & Lighting (except Energy Savers)
  8. Headphones & Loudspeakers
  9. Sauces, Ketchup etc.
  10. Doors and Window Frames
  11. Travelling Bags and Suitcases
  12. Sanitary ware
  13. Fish & Frozen Fish
  14. Carpets (except from Afghanistan)
  15. Preserved Fruits
  16. Tissue Paper
  17. Furniture
  18. Shampoos
  19. Automobiles
  20. Confectionary
  21. Luxury mattresses & sleeping bags
  22. Jams & Jelly
  23. Cornflakes
  24. Bathroom ware / Toiletries
  25. Heaters / Blowers
  26. Sunglasses
  27. Kitchen ware
  28. Aerated water
  29. Frozen Meat
  30. Juices
  31. Pasta etc.
  32. Ice cream
  33. Cigarettes
  34. Shaving Goods
  35. Luxury Leather Apparel
  36. Musical Instruments
  37. Saloon items like hair dryers etc.
  38. Chocolates

The minister said that the steps taken by the government will also help reduce the growing current account deficit. She added that the key objective of these measures is to reduce the country’s reliance on imports and introduce an export-oriented policy to promote the local industry in the country.

The minister announced that the government is preparing a plan to promote local manufacturers so that employment opportunities are generated.

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif in a tweet said that the decision to ban the import of luxury items will save the country precious foreign exchange. The premier added that financially stronger people must lead in this effort so that the less privileged among us do not have to bear this burden inflicted on them by the previous government.

PTI’s reaction

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader Hammad Azhar questioned the decision to ban imports of certain items and said that the items only made up a small percentage of the country’s total import bill.

“Non-oil current account deficit stands at just under $1 billion. These measures to ban items will be inconsequential,” the minister said in a tweet.


It is pertinent to mention here that Pakistan’s import bill has surged to $65.5 billion in the first ten months of the current fiscal year, up from $44.73 billion in the corresponding period of the previous year.

The foreign exchange reserves held by the State Bank of Pakistan are also down to a 23-month low.


  • Good decision by Mr. Shahbaz to overcome PTI’s incompetence to run the economy.

    • Typical Pakistani,Imrans been in power for approximately 4 or so years.What has been happening to the economy since 1947!.
      Wake up from pleasing ur so could saviours, we as a nation produce only,children. Everything else is from abroad. Also note luxuries from abroad are staple diet of the elite,not the poor of the nation. Support Pakistan, not those who are ruining it, then u need eyes for that

  • How ignorant can PTI get. If a billion dollars is inconsequential, what did they do oil current account deficit.

  • This decision should have been made decades ago. Well, better late than never. This opportunity should also be used to tell local companies to improve their quality or face penalties. Imported items were synonymous with high quality, whereas we will now have to use local alternatives with hazardous ingredients in some cases. This will also give opportunity to local companies to monopolize and govt. needs to ensure vigilance.

  • Is any person can bring some chocolates & other items when he comes back to Pakistan?

  • Govt should also control cartels within country I. E cement, sugar and auto industry undue profits should be curbed to control prices

  • good decision ۔۔but govt۔ should control black marketing in local industry products

  • To uplift the country this is not good step if govt stopped import then there is possibility that other countries will stop to import our country’s products uplift the country it’s need safety n security in Pakistan n give facilities to the investors .so investors from all over the world do business in Pakistan then there is chance that Pakistan will grow ban other countries products to import in Pakistan this is waste solution.give electricity n gas 24 hours n give safety n this insha’Allah Pakistan will be estable in days.

  • Can any authority give a figure ,how much we imported and how much we are going to save the foreign exchange ?
    Not as stupid information giving woman, who has no idea , saying 6 billion dollars, khuda ko mano.

  • This ban is completely unacceptable. Petrol and Diesel is also imported. Why not find your own oil Wells??? Its ok for the rich leaders to say the ban is a good thing, but what about the poor?

  • What about laptops? Can we bring that? This is so stupid! What if a girl is on her periods?? How ignorant and stupid ganja Baal k sath akal b chali gayi dagga pendu

  • This means when we go back to Pakistan we have to keep our Goods in plastic Bags Because Luggage is also banned No Sweets for kids What are they doing?

  • These measures are only intended to hurt/inpact foreigners (mainly Pakistanis) who travel to Pakistan. Pakistani is a 3rd world country that has nothing to offer in terms of tourism. By making it harder and more expensive for tourists to come to visit Pakistan, it actually has the opposite affect then what the government of Pakistan expects. We will just stop coming to Pakistan. We won’t spend any more money there at all.

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