PML-N Led Punjab Govt Demolishes Football Stadium in Sargodha for Their Rally

The walls and stands of the football ground of Company Bagh, Sargodha have been demolished in order to widen the space for the upcoming political rally of the Pakistan Muslim League N.

According to details, the city administration has demolished the stands and other structures in the football ground in order to provide better security measures to the leaders of the party.

The administration’s decision to demolish the infrastructure did not sit well with the local football players as they protested the decision. It is pertinent to mention that the football ground recently underwent some structural changes including the installation of floodlights.

According to sources, PML (N) management has assured that the structure will be renovated after the conclusion of the political rally. Sargodha Deputy Commissioner Asghar Joiya confirmed that the PML-N administration has deposited a cheque worth Rs. 2.7 million for the reconstruction of the infrastructure of the football stadium.

DC added that the decision to demolish the stands was made after the management of the political rally changed the direction of the stage keeping in view the security risk. He assured that the football stadium will be restored to its original condition after the rally.