Sindh Announces Bad News for Matric Students

The Sindh government has decided to retake all the matriculation exams that got leaked on social media platforms before the start of the exams across the province.

Speaking with the media, Sindh’s Minister for Universities and Boards, Muhammad Ismail Rahoo, ordered all educational boards in the province to retake the final matric papers that were leaked.

The Minister said that a high-level inquiry board has been formed to investigate the matter of the paper leak and strict action will be taken against all those found involved.

The heads of all educational boards in the province have been directed to cooperate with the investigation committee to identify the culprits involved in leaking matric annual exams.

The Minister said that matric exams kicked off earlier this week all over Sindh. More than 700,000 students are taking the exams this year. 11 vigilance teams are in the field to prevent cheating. They have arrested 16 students involved in cheating so far.

When asked about load-shedding at exam centers in the province, the Minister revealed that he has written to power distribution companies to ensure an uninterrupted supply of electricity at exam centers.