Govt Announces Deadline for Submission of Hajj Dues

The Federal Ministry for Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony has given the intending Hajj pilgrims two days to submit dues in designated banks across the country.

The ministry warned that Hajj applications would be considered canceled if the dues are deposited after Friday, 27 May.

The intending pilgrims would be required to submit a passport and COVID-19 vaccination certificate along with the Hajj package payment, the ministry said.

Under the Hajj Package 2022, pilgrims from the north zone, including Lahore, will have to submit Rs. 800,383, including the sacrificial animal cost and Rs. 755,017 without sacrificial animal.

Similarly, the Hajj expenses for the south zone will be Rs. 745,967 without the cost of the sacrificial animal, and Rs. 791,337 with it.

It has also been clarified that additional costs will be paid by the pilgrim if the Saudi government increases the cost of the current Hajj season.

However, if the expenditure is less than the estimated amount, the remaining amount will be returned to the Hajis.